Our Services

We translate your ideas into words!

By showcasing your multilingual and multimedia communication content, ALPHABETS plays a part in your success.

Our experts cater for all your language-specific needs and meet your expectations in terms of content. We provide this through our range of tailored and specialised services, with a relentless commitment to quality, in order to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Translation and localisation

Need to translate technical, IT, scientific, medical, marketing, legal, tourism-related or more general materials?

Our translators work exclusively into their native language and translate your documents, websites, online help, software, audio and video contents in many different language combinations. Thanks to their knowledge of the cultural or technical background, they are experts in choosing exactly the right terms and editorial style suited to the subject matter, and are committed to meeting deadlines.


Need to translate technical, IT, scientific, medical, marketing, legal, tourism-related or more general materials?

Services we provide:

  • liaison interpreting for business meetings and negotiations,
  • consecutive interpreting for official events and speeches,
  • simultaneous interpreting – or conference interpreting – for training courses, conferences and other events.

Content writing and creation

Need a copywriter or content creator to draft your posts, articles, blogs, newsletters, downloadable templates, white papers or e-books?

Our content management experts will focus their skills in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing on your specific needs. They will deliver high value-added content that meets your specifications and is suited to your target, marketing objectives and editorial schedule. In other words, a key contribution to your content strategy.

Technical writing and training material authoring

Need help with creating or updating installation guides, user manuals, maintenance documentation, online help and training materials?

Whether in French or in English, our technical writers will deliver documents that are perfectly adapted to their context of use and target audience, whatever the field: IT, telecommunications, IT technology, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, aviation industry, etc.

Editorial and language support

Need a reviser, proofreader or editor to improve your content before it is posted?

ALPHABETS can provide a fresh and professional appraisal to help you perfect your in-house memos and documents, customer documentation, websites, and training materials. We will check everything from spelling, grammar or syntax, to terminology or phraseology consistency and style. This can extend to rewriting if required.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Data annotation

Looking for an expert in corpus indexing and semantic or syntactic annotation?

Our annotators, with a solid grasp of Natural Language Processing (NLP), will index and tag your text data in line with preset annotation diagrams: ontology, syntax dependencies, other grammatical or semantic annotation diagrams.
If necessary, they also provide the transcription for your audio materials.

Other services

Need a language service that is not listed on this website?

ALPHABETS also provides the following additional language services:

  • Language project management
  • Audio content transcripts (soundtracks)
  • Dubbing (voice-over)
  • Subtitling
  • Multilingual layout/DTP, etc.

Please contact us if none of the above are quite what you are looking for.