Our team

Every one of our team members (women and men in equal numbers) are fully committed to ensuring the success of your communication strategy on a daily basis, thanks to their expertise and innovative techniques.

We are in the business of delivering added value through high-end services, where quality is closely tied to the skills and well-being of the people who perform them. Our team members are therefore from a wide-range of backgrounds and supported by a pro-active HR policy.

Who are we?

A team of dedicated, professional, experienced, dynamic, available, agile and complementary language experts, who strive to meet your specific needs.

Our small in-house team consists of fifteen people on full-time unlimited-term contracts. They team up with external partners, who have a long history of working with ALPHABETS and are as familiar with our customers’ environments and particulars as our in-house team members.

All our team members are graduates from the top translation, multimedia, communication and IT engineering schools and colleges. Some of us have over 30 years’ experience while others can offer a fresh take on innovative techniques and approaches.

Linguists, translators, interpreters, copywriters, authors, revisers, proofreaders, post-editors, tutors or engineers: we are all fully dedicated, thorough and meticulous professionals.

This diversity of skills is key to our business strategy, but our commitment to good human relations, good listening skills, agility and the diversity of profiles are the qualities that enable us to deliver bespoke solutions to meet your needs and those of your business partners.

With a view to passing on our expertise, we regularly welcome interns from the best training curricula, which is an integral part of our recruitment and partnership policy.


Find out more about the ALPHABETS mindset from some of our team members


I was able to do my final Master’s internship with ALPHABETS and, despite the special working conditions due to the pandemic, I got a warm welcome from the team, who were always available and ready to help.

Besides translation, ALPHABETS soon asked me if I wanted to try other fields, such as content editing for different media (websites, podcasts, marketing content, etc.). Despite my lack of experience in the field, I was able to successfully complete these test projects thanks to my co-workers’ support.

I now work full time for ALPHABETS as a translator and content editor. On a daily basis, I use my language skills and the experience gained during my internship to work on a variety of projects.


My internship at ALPHABETS was the starting point of my career as a translator. Working with well experienced translators, I acquired all the skills that have helped me to enter the translation market.

The wide range of fields I translated in and the feedback from proofreaders helped me to improve my editorial style and boost my confidence. As ALPHABETS is uncompromising when it comes to quality, I was able to adopt the right procedures from the start. I sometimes open the notebook where I used to jot down the team’s valuable pieces of advice!

Now a graduate and successful freelance translator, I realise that my experience with ALPHABETS was a true career-boosting opportunity.


When I went back to University (Masters in Translation and Interpreting at Rennes 2 University), I did a translation internship at ALPHABETS. It was my first internship in this particular field. The team was very friendly and made me feel at home.

I worked on many different projects in key fields (IT, telecommunications and transports, engineering, human resources and data protection), and got all the support I needed throughout my internship. I also really enjoyed the fact that I was able to work in my two language combinations (English and German into French), which was a real plus!

The internship confirmed my decision to pursue my career change in translation. I was able to learn about working in a company, the tools, processes that are specific to translation…while working in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
A huge THANKS to the ALPHABETS team!