A success story built on solid values: ALPHABETS in a nutshell…

Our company’s unique identity is built on the values that we have always believed in. These values are shared by all ALPHABETS’ team members and make up who we are and what keeps us moving forward.


Corporate history

From early days to present times: a few facts about ALPHABETS…

ALPHABETS was founded in 2002 by Chantal QUÉNIART and Stéphane TOLLEC with private equity funding. From the onset, the company’s home base has been the Rennes Atalante Ker Lann business campus (Brittany, France). ALPHABETS has gradually developed a team of experts with a wide range of skills that they can bring to bear on the comprehensive set of high value-added language services and bespoke learner-centred courses that we offer today. Our language consultancy service is another valuable part of our business solutions.
Whatever the language and subject matter, we support all kinds of organisations: SMEs, multinationals, start-ups and well-established companies, local authorities, local, national and international institutions, in developing their in-house and external communication materials. Although 60% of our revenue stems from international contracts, we take pride in our role as proactive language experts servicing the local ecosystem, thanks to our partnerships with La French Tech Rennes – Saint-Malo, the innovative tech company network (le Poool), the World Trade Center (WTC) Rennes Bretagne and the Club d’affaires franco-allemand (CAFA) Rennes Bretagne.

Corporate values

Quality of service and sound human relations are ALPHABETS’s two core values

Driven by our deeply rooted values, our team of committed professionals share the same principles and ethics, based on:

  • guaranteeing the quality of our services via end-to-end quality assurance,
  • sticking to the deadlines and prices stated in our quotes,
  • safeguarding data privacy, integrity and security,
  • focusing on customer satisfaction and trust rather than on profitability at the expense of quality,
  • building strong, long-lasting and person-centred partnerships, through strong ties with every one of our customers.