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Alphabets, our Ker Lann premises in Bruz, next to the Rennes Exhibition Centre.

ALPHABETS was founded in April 2002 by Stéphane TOLLEC and Chantal QUÉNIART, as a private limited company, in premises located in the Rennes Atalante Science Park on the Ker Lann Campus (Brittany - France).

The rapidly growing company was able to attract a wide array of expertise, enabling ALPHABETS to offer a full range of high value-added language services along with customer support and training. 

Our dynamic, 11-strong team can harness different areas of expertise to accompany your international business development through ever more effective global communication.

Alphabets: a dynamic team, pooling our talent and expertise for your benefit.

 Alphabets, language consultants at your service


Rue Maryse Bastié
35170 Bruz
Tél. : 02 99 05 00 02